Saturday, October 13, 2012

Montgomery - Rogersville, Missouri - 3 Shipping Container Home

Montgomery - Rogersville, Missouri - 3 Shipping Container Home

On her 40-acre property, She lives in a 1,300-square-foot low maintenance home nestled in the woods above the river. A freestanding fireplace and modern sculptures adorn the interior while large windows offer a panorama of the outdoors.
Marti approached two Springfield architects to custom design her dream home in 2007, having collected house plans from the Internet for years. “My plan from the beginning was to make this house simple, inexpensive, and low maintenance,” she says. “It needed to do the least damage to the land and do the site justice. I wanted something unique but not out of place.”
The architects said building what she wanted would exceed her $150,000 budget by $30,000
The architects ordered four containers from Memphis: three for Marti’s house and one for an outside carport. Each container is 40 by 8 by 9 feet in volume.

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