Monday, October 1, 2012

Max Living and Design - Chicago and Puerto Vallarta - 20 ft Shipping Container Home

Max Living and Design - Chicago and Puerto Vallarta - 20" Shipping Container Home

Our product is called M.E.S.H. or modular ecologically sustainable habitat designed for off-grid coastal use. We have taken the standard 20 foot iso shipping container and recycled it into a comfortable dwelling for up to four people, complete with kitchen, bathroom, storage and even a small pool.
The product deals with several issues that are becoming essential to our continued way of life, the first is access to fresh water, and the second is affordability of sustainable housing.

We are creating a habitat that not only filters water but also captures and stores it. Rainwater is collected in 55-gallon steel drums that can also act as the habitats foundation. The fresh water pool is the main source of non-potable water, and is recycled and filtered with very basic but effective and affordable slow sand filters, and ultraviolet light. This creates a respect for what the user puts into that pool as a microcosm of what we should keep in mind of our sewer systems.
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  1. Goodness gracious! These are wonderful collections of container homes you have here. I bet they are properly insulated and legally certified. :) Well, no one can live here if it hasn’t been insulated because it would not be livable in extreme hot weather condition, as the steel greatly absorbs heat. But if these containers are certified and branded by ISO, then, there isn't any problem living there.

    Barton Wilson

  2. It seems that many people are starting to embrace this wonderful container houses. I just noticed that I’ve been seeing these homes in the movies that I’ve watched recently! :D Anyhow, Barton has a point. If these houses are ISO certified, you will also be confident that the design, architecture, and construction are structurally sound.

    Clark Adams