Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shigeru Ban, - Onagawa, Japan, - Temporary Shipping Container Housing,

the firm initially embarked upon installing 1800 units of their 2 meter by 2 meter emergency partition system within 50 evacuation facilities. during the process,
A proposal for a three-storey structural framework to allow the stacking of 20 foot shipping containers
in a checkerboard fashion. this alternating arrangement allows for airy and open living spaces with built-in shelves and closets for storage,
These buildings may be constructed in many disaster situations and continue to be used as a long term residential solution due to their excellent seismic performance. three variations are formed by the placement of units, forming a 19.8 square meter unit for 1 to 2 individuals,
29.7 m2 for 3 to 4 inhabitants and 39.6 square meter residences accommodating more than 4 dwellers.
a community center and market are centrally located in the complex, offering a gathering space for community members.
The center's walls are formed with white shipping containers and are capped with a plywood gable roof. triangulated clerestory windows introduce natural daylight into the interior. the area for the food market is formed with a ring of containers.

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