Shipping Container Home Design Kit - Download

    Kit Download Version Our shipping container home "Design Starter Kit" has 4 sheets which contains 2 x 20ft shipping containers and 1 x 40ft shipping container along with a blueprint layout design plan and windows and doors.
    Can print on reverse side for wood interior effect
    Print as many as you need to make your shipping container house design.(For Personal use only, Copyright Pocketpcman Not for Resale)  $14.95

    • New Shipping Container Home model Kit with Blueprint plans

    Reverse side of container
    Have you ever sat and pondered on Container home design ideas? 
    Do you want to build your own shipping container house?

    We have designed this kit for those people that desire to be able to see a size proportion model of their own container design plans.

    2 x 20ft shipping continers
    In this kit you will receive two 20 foot shipping container models which are 20cm long, scaled to 10cm = 2 feet, and one 40 foot shipping container which is 40 cm long.
    They are printed with wood finish interiors in case you want to make open plan design.

    1 x 40ft shipping container

    The kit includes a blue print plan so you can design the interior layout of your container house.
    You can use the made to scale bathroom and kitchen to experiment what position it suits your design or cut out individual to scale furniture to design that perfect visual layout.

    The models are easy to cut out and simple to glue together to give you the building blocks of your design

    You can even cut of a section to view interior design

    Try layouts for a 40ft container with 2 x 20ft containers

    Maybe you choose to build upwards?

    Multiple design variations can be achieved, let you mind design that perfect home.

    The Kit includes 4 Sheets ready to make 2 x 20ftt containers, 1 x 40ft container a blueprint plan and Bonus windows and door sheet.

    Blue print and design sheet to handle your preferred layout

    sheet has 1 x 40ft container with reverse side has wooden interior

    sheet has 2 x 20ft containers and reverse side is wooden interior

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