Monday, September 3, 2012

Criens, Trimo - Bonaire, Caribbean - Shipping Container Home

Bonaire a former Netherlands Antilles now a
'special municipality directly under the Netherlands, situated in the
Caribbean And on this 1260 m2 property land has been constructed a modal container home.
In the distance theres is great ocean sea-view and constant wind.
When divorced,  it is small and comfortable and easy to
build and maintain.

So I looked at those units that you see at construction sites, and

finally ended up at Trimo [ ] in
Slovenia. The salesperson was helpful and willing to connect to my
thinking and wishes.
For 15.000 Euro I got myself two 30' units to my design, complete with
double glazed windows, door and sliding doors. Electricity, floor,
ceiling and side panelling included except the inner walls, which i
decided to do with local products - steel framing and gypsum panels.
Here you can see how the completion of my house in roughly 1 month with
the help from one major help [and some part timers] took place:

The property is currently for Sale with the 20' storage container and the

property land. off-grid concerning electricity and have 4 solar
panels on the roof giving me ample 220V for all the LED lights, internet
and small stuff. The refrigerator works on gas [or 220V/12V] which is
also used for cooking.

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