Friday, November 11, 2011

Shipping Container House In Panama

An ongoing project as a family build their home out of 2 x 40 ft ISBU shipping containers in Panama.

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  1. Building a home out of shipping containers has proven both economically efficient, and durable. The only problem is aesthetics, but when does anyone ever worry about that?

    -Panamerican Shipping
    Panama Shipping

  2. Looking back on those early photos of our shipping container house, no, they are not very aesthetic. I agree. Shipping container houses will never be quaint Cap Cod Cottages or bucolic Swiss chalets.

    But we've made quite a bit of progress since these photos, and some really nice design elements are starting to emerge. We aren't there yet as construction continues and the containers are still just rusty red, but I have a vision of what will be. Will it be cute? No. Design worthy? Impressive? Different? Panama Modern? Yes, I think so. Our story continues at