Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Food Storage and Production
2 important areas to cover, Growing some food and storing some food.

My aim is to make a unit that is self supporting for 2 persons for between 6months and a year, that means storing and growing food is essentiall.
I have already established an aquaponics system, and have to say its a very good method of food production with little to no maintenance and self contained. 
A large tank built in the door way would be pumped into trays attached to the doors that would grow the plants, the fish would be edible too usually something like Talipia or perch which are plate size in about 10 months.

After having chooks (chickens) on my balcony I dont think I will bother with them, they take a lot of effort and resources for little output, haven't kept rabbits yet but think for protein they would be an easier alternative as they dont make a noise or mess or smell and breed well like rabbits!
The other Important thing is store lots of food, I want to design storage within the kitchen units and maximize the space. But remember! "Store what you Eat! and Eat what you store" as Jack at the survival podcast is always saying!
I have gone off canned goods and now prefer Dehydrated as a storage method, its easy cheap and fun to do, I now just grab corn, Carrots, and peas from my dried stored containers and add to packet soups all the time, so much easier and long lasting, oh and lighter and not as bulky.
Or you can buy preprepared MREs and other types, check out Bee Prepared Products for some great MRP's

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