Thursday, March 3, 2011


Solar and Wind
I want to set up about 12 panels that will pull out of the container roof on a panel and also include solar water heater, also would be nice to include some kind of wind powered turbine that can be easily erected.
The most important part of the design is to choose lower power consumption items and LED lighting  to keep power usage down rather than a massive set of solar panels.
My first sketch and plans for a pull out solar roof, No its not a mistake! South Facing for us in the southern hemisphere for full sun and North for all you in the Northern Hemisphere.
The roof would act as rain catchment area too, and sun blind for summer high sun to keep sun out and stop excessive heat.

Rainbow Power Company show a medium house will need a 2.2KW system at a cost just under $9000

Really like these spiral turbines from WindSpire

How about some pedal power! would be kind of cool to have some power generated from a workout

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