Monday, February 25, 2013

3x Shipping Container Home - worldFLEXhome, - Denmark, China,

3x Shipping Container Home - worldFLEXhome, - Denmark, China,

Old shipping containers used as the structural framework for the WFH- Huse. This is not just recycling; This is upcycling!
World flex home develops, manufactures and sells "green" homes (0-energy), which is based on modular constructions. The architect-designed homes have a modern design cut and sold worldwide.
World flex home is a Danish consortium that develops modular, flexible homes for sale internationally.

Based on Danish quality and technological innovation have world flex home created a housing concept with basic housing that can be adapted to individual needs. They can be built as villas, townhouses or cluster of houses, they are designed to produce more energy than they consume, and to withstand earthquakes.

The architect-designed homes meet the requirements of the international Active House cooperation,, which ensures proven healthy indoor climate. thus living residences from the world flex homes now up to the EU directives, which in a few years to take effect. From 2018 is 0-energy buildings as standard for all public buildings in the EU, and the same applies from 2020 for all new buildings in the EU.

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