Wednesday, January 2, 2013

High Country Green Boxes, DwellBox - Boone, North Carolina - 2 x 40ft Shipping Container Home

They cut two 40 foot shipping containers in half and stacked them in a square. The project was completed in 34 days after breaking ground at a construction cost of under $100 per square foot. The two-story structure was their learning project so they kept it small.
The house has one bedroom and one bath upstairs with 320 square feet of heated living area. Downstairs is another 320 square feet that is unheated for storage and a garage. Shipping containers come in 20 foot lengths but are only eight feet tall. The group used 40 foot ISBU's for their nine and one half foot ceilings for more headroom. Corner castings secure the containers to three foot deep concrete piers instead of a foundation.

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