Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Runkle Consulting - Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta - 3 level Shipping Container Home

These are the first two shipping container houses in Atlanta, the one on the left was the first. We performed the structural design of both.
The second house built of shipping containers in Atlanta was built next to the first one.  The builder was g a d Design, the architect was Francis Kirkpatrick, and Runkle Consulting were the structural engineers.  This one was a little bit different from the first in that a balcony was put on the top floor, and there is a completely open floor plan on the top floor.

This 16-foot wide by 40-foot long home is essentially the width of two containers side by side and length of one container.
The three-story home, on top of a four-car garage, has about 1,900 square feet. It had too much space for the owner Mr Donaldson, so he turned it into a duplex, renting out the other side (he uses the two-bedroom, two-bath portion).
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