Sunday, April 9, 2017

Is This The Best Bug Out Shelter?

 Homestead Launch

What about the idea of using shipping containers as a retreat or “bug out shelter?”
As it turns out, shipping containers offer some distinct advantages in being used for this kind of housing.
First of all, the containers themselves are comparatively inexpensive, when compared to many other building blocks you can use.
They also provide a handful of advantages as a result of their durability. Because shipping containers are made to be stacked and make trans-oceanic voyages, they can certainly withstand a good deal of abuse. This is extremely important for people looking to have a container home shelter as a “getaway spot.”
My friend Dan recently put together a pretty cool guide for people considering the idea. His guide on using shipping containers as bug out shelters walks people through a series of questions that need to be asked (and answered!) before undertaking a project like this. Building locations, financing, foundations, and much more.
If interested, check out his guide here.