Sunday, May 20, 2012

Container Solutions India - Bangalore - Single Container Home

Container Solutions India - Bangalore - Container Home

 The possibilities are enormous for customization, right from the entrance door to the shape and size of windows. In this unit, we have preferred to have plenty of ventilation owing to one big 6ft X 4ft window and two small windows(6ft X 1ft vertical window and 2ft diameter circular window). The door is the in-built container door. A sliding glass-cum-mosquito mesh door is provided as an additional door. All the windows have glass-cum-mosquito mesh panels The interior includes an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a TV, a Bunk Bed, a Wardrobe, a Kitchen table(which doubles up as a storage unit), a Sink and couple of shelves. With all these furnishings, there is still plenty of room in the container for moving around and space for a small study table. Home without a balcony is incomplete, well this container home, comes with one of its kind. Balcony adds enormous space to the container home. It is a perfect sit-out for evening tea and nothing beats the pleasure of lying idly in the hammock strung between the poles of the balcony. Apart from adding extra space, balcony acts as an insulator as well by not letting the sun hit the metal sheets directly, which considerably lowers the inside temperature during the summer time

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